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We develop software for cloud mining and ensures the maintenance of the equipment in the data centers. Our main goal is to make the production of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is accessible to everyone regardless of knowledge, experience, technical skills or investment values. We hope that every people have digital currency and they are using that in their big transactions. The mining service is developed by our highly experienced blockchain developer and IT experts.

Bitcoin cloud mining is a unique opportunity to mine Bitcoin and generate new Bitcoin without using any expensive hardware and without facing issues like electricity, internet, and devices. We have multiple data centers around the world for security and high speed in the mining process.

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We are very happy to provide the best Bitcoin mining service to our miners with trust and satisfaction.

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How Bitboost Works

You will start earning immediately after entering the Bitcoin address. Here is brief information about our best Features.

Choose Mining Plan

If you earn well in free mining but, if you want to increase your mining speed and affiliate bonus then choose the best plan for you from below mining plans.


0.005 /BTC
  • BTC/min 0.00000200
  • BTC/day 0.00288
  • Affiliate Bonus 30%


0.05 /BTC
  • BTC/min 0.00002100
  • BTC/day 0.03024
  • Affiliate Bonus 40%


0.45 /BTC
  • BTC/min 0.00021000
  • BTC/day 0.3024
  • Affiliate Bonus 50%


2.5 /BTC
  • BTC/min 0.00126000
  • BTC/day 1.81441296
  • Affiliate Bonus 100%

Free Bitcoin Mining: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bitcoin mining is an essential part of the bitcoin protocol. Because without bitcoin mining we cannot bring new bitcoin in the circulation. In the early stage of bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto mined his first block with an ordinary computer. In the early stage of bitcoins in 2009, mining difficulty was low and fewer miners were there. But in around 2011 miners started GPU (graphical processing units used for gaming) for faster mining. GPU became popular in the crypto industry due to its capability to do complex calculations faster. Compared to CPU, 1GPU can mine 30 times faster.

After that improved GPU version introduces called FPGA, which is 3-100 time faster than 1GPU, but it is challenging to configure FPGA that’s why it was not that successful.

Then finally, in around 2013 ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) introduced. ASIC is built for only mining as compared to CPU, GPU and FPGA It couldn’t use for anything else.

Today AISC is the fastest mining software till today. There are improved versions introduced every six months.

But only having ASIC miners at home will not help because there are heavy competitions with professional bitcoin miners. That’s why bitcoin mining pools came to existence. The idea is simple miners group together to mine bitcoin to win constant BTC and the winning amount divided between, and thus they got steady bitcoin in their wallets. In the mining pool, even small miners can also join.

Some websites mine for you. This type of mining is called bitcoin cloud mining. In this type of mining, you do not buy any mining rig, nor you have to own any mining power. This sounds cool since you don’t have to maintain your mining rig, cooling issue, electricity problems or any other maintenance issue.

Also, there is a cloud mining portal which provides free bitcoin mining, where you have to join the portal with login or signup you can start your free cloud mining.

Bitboost is also one of the best fast bitcoin mining portal, which is a trusted by thousands of happy miners all over the world. You can also join our cloud mining portal and start to mine your first bitcoin.

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